Newsletter March 2022

Hello medical students, residents and fellows!


The arduous journey of residency application is finally nearing its final stage. We congratulate all, whatever the outcome, for being an inspiration through your courage, camaraderie, and compassion during the past few months.
We hope you will join us at our next MSR Committee Zoom meeting on March 21st 2022 at 5PM PT/8PM ET to give and receive support, learn about amazing mentorship initiatives that benefit you and other students and residents, and join us to bring these wonderful projects to reality.
Alissa Hemke and Cindy Chou

Co-chairs of AACAP’s Committee on Medical Students and Residents;

3/21/2022 @ 8pm ET
MSR Committee meeting
Join us for our open meeting at the Annual Meeting & start getting involved in the best Committee of AACAP! Learn more HERE
4/4/2022 @ 8pm ET
Advocacy Liaison Network monthly meeting
Learn about all about all things legislation, what the AACAP community is doing to advance child mental health policies, and how you can help. Email AACAP staff coordinator Ms. Emily Rohlffs to receive meeting information.
AACAP Component Meetings
Interested in being involved with our diversity components? Sign up for e-mail notifications HERE
3/22/2022 @ 8pm ET

AACAP Alliance for Learning and Innovation bi-monthly meeting

Medical education enthusiast? Join clerkship, residency, and fellowship directors and other leaders in psychiatry education to brainstorm innovative ways to promote and teach child psychiatry, and participate in exciting initiatives! Email AALI resident liaison Jess Stephens for more information.
4/9/2022 @ 12pm ET

Virtual Spring Assembly Meeting

Email Assembly or Assembly Resident Representative Asha Martin to learn how to register for the meeting. Learn more about the Assembly HERE (log-in required)


5/5/2022 + 5/11/2022

2022 AACAP Virtual Legislative Conference

Join other CAP experts to advocate for child mental health! Register HERE


Mentorship Events
Career Development Forum
Autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability subspecialties 
Coming in April 2022
Pathways in child psychiatry research
Coming in July 2022
Life Members Virtual Mentorship sessions
Coming in June and August 2022



Join us in celebrating three incredible psychiatrists who have recently graduated out of MSR into ECP. While words cannot fully express our appreciation of their contributions to making the MSR committee what it is today, here are some of our thoughts...

Cordelia has always been a role model of eloquence, elegance, poise, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Throughout her years in MSR, she mentored countless students and residents through individual guidance and support. Her passion for increasing recruitment and retention in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry inspired the MSR to be more ambitious and creative in our endeavors, leading to countless wonderful initiatives. We are grateful for her time in the MSR, and know that she will continue to be a great mentor and ally as she continues to progress in her super star career. Congratulations on entering the next phase of your journey Cordelia, and thank you again for all that you have given to MSR.

- Cindy Chou


Cordelia, wow. There are not words in the English dictionary to fully represent the amount of appreciation and gratitude I have toward you as not only a mentor and psychiatrist, but also a friend and person in general. When we were first introduced at the Annual Meeting in 2019 after being connected virtually beforehand, I knew instantly that you were a changemaker and an inspiration. From that moment on, you pushed me to be engaged and get involved, and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today. Your effort to encourage others in joining MSR committee is unparalleled, and the mentorship you provide is unrivaled. Thank you for entrusting me as a fourth-year medical student to join you in co-chairing an event, and subsequently without hesitation training me to take over as you passed on the torch and left your precious event in my hands. I have always been in awe of your natural ability to carry yourself with a unique poise and professionalism that sets you apart and will take you far in life, personally and professionally. Our phone calls, text exchanges and zoom meetings will always bring back such special wonderful memories that remind me of the beginning of a fruitful blessing of a career. As you enter this next stage of your life, I commend you for being the psychiatrist, mentor, friend, and person that you are. Go out and be the change you want to see in the world; your beautiful soul will be missed by all of us in the AACAP medical student and resident committee.

- Megan Single


I have no words that can describe how thankful I am for your leadership, support, and more importantly- friendship. I have loved getting to know you through MSR, and I can't wait to see that friendship continue as you navigate the ECP world.

- Alyssa Shaffner


I first met Cordelia in the fall of 2019 at our Committee meeting at the Annual Meeting in Chicago, dressed in a sharp suit, she passed around a sign-in clipboard and sat next to me. Despite the busy meeting, she answered all my million questions and encouraged me to join our community. Through her encouragement and support, she has created numerous opportunities for me to grow. Cordelia exudes a warmth like the sun, she is an eloquent speaker and a fierce advocate for MSRs. My favorite event has to be her work on self-compassion and trainee wellbeing. Cordelia brings the same approach to her leadership and has inspired many, including myself! 

- Ani Chakraborty


Cordelia, you are an MSR stalwart if there ever was one, and things continue to feel not quite the same without your presence. We are forever indebted to you for over 7 YEARS (that’s right, folks) of service to this committee, spanning a range of work with life members, Council, Training and Education, and more, always with the utmost commitment and poise. Being roommates in San Diego simultaneously seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago. I feel so fortunate to have you as a colleague, and can’t wait to keep working with you over the next 7 years and beyond!

- Alissa Hemke


Cordelia, thank you for your mentorship and friendship in getting me involved in AACAP – your sage wisdom and gentle empathy have been incredible to learn from!

- Bharat Sanders


Cordelia, I can’t say thank you enough for everything you’ve done to make the MSR committee such a welcoming and warm home base for so many trainees entering the AACAP realm. We are going to miss your radiant presence at our meetings! I am so grateful to have you as a mentor, role model, and friend! Sending you off with all the best wishes for your next chapter! 

- Carly Kawanishi



Alaa's contribution to the expansion of MSR's mentorship initiatives is unparalleled. Her desire to support all trainees, and especially those with unique struggles, led to multiple wonderful collaborations. She has since gone on to create additional support spaces with other mentors, and we know she will continue to serve as an invaluable mentor for MSR in the years to come. Congratulations Alaa on all your amazing achievements. We are grateful for your kindness and role modeling, and can't wait to see what is in store for you next.

- Cindy Chou


Alaa, I will never forget the mark you have left on the MSR committee. From the moment we met, I watched you take your own personal growth and magnify that within the MSR committee to expand and improve experiences for others. You have been a true inspiration with your dedication and passion to taking initiative in creating opportunities and leading others. Congratulations on moving into this new chapter of your career, you will make a lasting pervasive impact on so many children, families, and mentees in your future. We will miss your smiling face and joyful spirit, but we look forward to watching the mark you make on this world.

- Megan Single


Thank you so much for your leadership and support since I joined MSR. I know you are going to do great things, and I can't wait to continue learning from you.

- Alyssa Shaffner


Alaa does not know this, but I first saw her at the IMG caucus meeting at the Annual Meeting in Chicago, I saw her again at another meeting and I wondered if she could be in 2 places at once. With subsequent MSR meetings, I learned more about her work with IMGs, cultural competence and well-being. Our first collaboration was in organizing our residency match event, which was followed by co-founding our MSR Peer Mentorship Program. Through her gift for innovation, Alaa is a transformative leader, she has opened many doors for me in our committee and for this I am immeasurably grateful. Cheers to you Alaa.

- Ani Chakraborty


Alaa, you are an absolute trailblazer, and such an inspiration in the realms of near peer mentorship, JEDI work, and advocacy for international medical graduates. I remember hearing you speak for the first time at the 2 day mentorship event years ago, and being so excited about the possibilities of learning from and working with you. Onward!

- Alissa Hemke


Alaa, thank you for your insight and determination along with Ani in starting the MSR Peer Mentorship Program which has been instrumental to my growth and education!

- Bharat Sanders


Alaa! Thank you for bringing so much energy and enthusiasm to the MSR committee! We will miss your vibrant warmth at our meetings! Wishing you all the best with your ECP endeavors! 

- Carly Kawanishi



Katie has been a quiet and humble mentor for the MSR over the past few years. Her calm demeanor is lovely to be around and she has been a wonderful connection between the MSR and multiple other collaborating groups, including AALI, AAP, and the triple board committee. Congratulations Katie on completing a rigorous training, and thank you again for all that you have given to MSR all these years. We know you will go on to hold even greater roles in the future, and look forward to more insightful guidance as you advance in your career.

- Cindy Chou


Katie, you are stellar liaison between the worlds of child psychiatry and pediatrics. We are all so appreciative of your commitment to medical education and leadership in the Residents As Teachers (RAT) program. It’s such a delight to be able to join together again in AACAP after our roots in Claremont together, and looking forward to many more collaborations throughout our careers!

- Alissa Hemke


Katie – you were the first triple boarder I ever talked to and thank you for helping kickstart this exciting career path for me!

- Bharat Sanders


Katie! Thanks for all that you’ve done for the MSR committee! Best of luck with this next chapter, we will miss you! 

- Carly Kawanishi

To all,


The MSR committee gratefully thanks our recently rolled-off members for their incredible energy and commitment over the years. Here’s hoping to see you all in Toronto soon!

- Alissa Hemke


Though you all will be missed in MSR, we will continue to call on your expertise and work with you as we progress, and we look forward to seeing how you all flourish and thrive in your respective careers!

- Bharat Sanders

Upcoming AACAP Award Opportunities
Residents, Fellows, and Early Career Psychiatrists
Leadership opportunities
AACAP's Assembly Executive Committee Resident Representative
Available to AACAP members who are first year child and adolescent psychiatry trainees (or third or fourth year trainees in a combined training program) as of July of the application year - Great opportunity to gain leadership experience and advocate for residents within the Assembly! Contact current representative Dr. Asha Martin for more information.
Interested in making connections, meeting a mentor, getting your questions answered, and hearing career stories from people in our field? The AACAP MSR Peer Mentorship Program is a buddy system that pairs a senior trainee or early career psychiatrist with a junior based on interests! We are always excited to have people join this lovely family, so sign up today!
Help match up mentors & mentees by signing up HERE!
Become a mentee HERE!
Become a mentor HERE!
Mentor-Mentee Spotlight
"The Peer mentorship program has been an invaluable gateway for me to connect with other residents and psychiatrists who are also passionate about CAP. Through my mentor I have learned about AACAP events, other committees within AACAP, and about the various career paths within CAP. My mentor has also provided much-needed guidance about navigating the application process to fellowship and helping to shape my future career. I truly appreciate this mentoring program as it has broadened my perspectives and solidified my decision to go into CAP!” 
Yunichel Joo, MD
PGY2 General Psychiatry Resident




"The Peer mentorship program has provided increasing opportunities to engage with such a diverse group of medical students and residents. Sharing my experiences and knowledge of various CAP opportunities as well as learning from my mentees has been so fulfilling. It has also opened my eyes to some of the current challenges and gaps in mentorship that trainees are facing, such as navigating virtual interviewing. The program has highlighted a significant need for more mentorship, especially at the peer level. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an inspiring and truly essential program.” 
Jessica Stephens, DO
CAP-I fellow
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    AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee Components include:

    IMG March 15, 2022 @ 8PM ET

    Latinx March 16, 2022 @ 8PM ET

    Asian April 5, 2022 @ 8PM ET

    Black Apr 12, 2022 @ 8PM ET



    Information about AACAP News are provided here. Contact for questions.
    Information about JAACAP and JAACAP Connect are provided here. Contact the  JAACAP Editorial Office at or (202) 966-7300 ext. 153 for questions regarding potential topics, outlines, and articles.

    JAACAP will publish a series of papers on the effects of race, racism, social justice, and health equity in child and adolescent psychiatry. These articles may include New Research, Reviews, Clinical Perspectives, Commentaries, Attachments, and Book Reviews. Authors are invited to submit proposals for consideration. This proposal should include an abstract and initial outline, along with the list of proposed authors, so that early feedback can be provided prior to the development of a full manuscript. An invitation to submit does not guarantee acceptance. All papers should conform to the appropriate author guidelines (see Guide for Authors) and will undergo peer review. Please direct inquiries and proposals to Please specify in your proposal that the submission is intended for the special series on race and racism.


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