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Deeplet keeps innovations with Taiwan SoC on full range of surveillance solutions

In pursuit of perfection, Deeplet is a Taiwan-based manufactory with 30 years of surveillance experience in the corporation group, all the while placing innovation at the forefront in the development and manufacturing of high-quality surveillance products with Taiwan SoC and sophisticated networking capabilities. The products have been certified with a variety of CE/FCC/BSMI/VSCC/RoHS/UL, based on marketing standards. System applications such as surveillance, remote monitoring/control, integration, and management are all created under Deeplet's experienced R&D team. The team is also providing SDK integration /Mobile App/Push server /Taiwan P2P as a hacker terminator.   Click here to learn more...

4K 8MP 16-32-64CH NVR / IPcamera/MDVR

Deeplet is Taiwan NOVATEK SoC authorization partner, 100% MIT with RD innovation. 18years experienced with PCBA customization,  keeps on aims to enhance performance by any your new multi-function ideas and design blueprints.  The OEM/ODM cooperation are welcome.  ... Read More>>

Deeplet CMS -- Unlimited system management  

User can flexibly design GUI interface
Deeplet CMS software strong design with protection code to guarantee the security on all of video and data.  CMS central monitoring can flexible integrate any kind of solution such as GPS/POS/e-Fence smart search /ioT smart home / Access control solution., and provide remote access and video to multiple web browser, HEM client software or mobile app simultaneously. Furthermore, free support user to design the GUI interface by themselves.  ... Read More>>
leader of vehicle safety surveillance
Mobile DVR DM-6228H support 4K 8MP performance specially developed for vehicle real-time video monitoring system for safety driving along with the features of GPS, G-sensor, 4G/5G, Wifi ; Add value on customized integration with OBDII-CAN BUS /AI / ADAS…etc., Global successful application with new Taiwan Novatek SoC on 4K/8MP performance.  ... Read More>>

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DEEPLET Technology Corp.

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