Newsletter June 2023
Happy Summer MSR family!
Let the time of transition begin - to all of those who recently graduated medical school, congratulations are in order as you start the future career as a doctor that you've been waiting for! To those graduating from residency and fellowship, we are so proud of you for enduring sacrifices and long hours to become the psychiatrists of the next generation. From our family to yours, make sure you take some time to celebrate your achievements amidst the chaos of transitioning! To all of those with upcoming moves for residency, fellowship, or attending jobs, we wish you the best of luck and are here to support each of you in whatever way we can.
For those trying again for these roles, remember that you have already achieved so much and are our constant sources of inspirations. The time of application season is also upon us. For CAP fellowship applicants who will start applications and interview season soon, check out last year's FELLOWSHIP Q&A PEARLS here!
During the exciting and anxiety-provoking transitions, the MSR community is here for you. Our PEER MENTORSHIP PROGRAM gives you individualized support based on your needs, and our MONTHLY MEETINGS can be your home where we mentor, coach, sponsor, and most importantly connect with and learn from, YOU. JOIN US 6/12 @ 8pm ET.
Annual Meeting programming has begun and many of you have received acceptances of your proposed events. Great work! The countdown is on...only 4 months until New York City! To those who did not receive the same news, please keep your ideas on hand for future meetings and let us know how we can support you in strengthening your ideas. The tentative schedule for the meeting will come out on June 15th along with release of the recommended hotels...Keep your eyes peeled!
Evelyn Ashiofu, MD, MPH

Alyssa Shaffner, MD

Jessica Stephens, DO


Co-chairs of AACAP’s Committee on Medical Students and Residents

Psychotherapy Enthusiast Listserv is an independent list for professionals interested in the application of psychodynamics to the mental health and psychiatric treatment of children, adolescents and families. Email Dr. Rachel Ritvo  or Dr. Magdalena Romanowicz  with your name, preferred email, location, training, interest, email receipt frequency (real time versus daily digest).
Climate Change Resource Group Listserv
AACAP's Climate Change Resource Group meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month to discuss pertinent issues relating to Climate Change and Children and Adolescent's Mental Health and bring climate-specific concerns for AACAP's consideration and integration. To join the resource group's ListServ, contact
6/12/23 @ 8pm ET
MSR Committee monthly meeting
Join us for our open meeting, which we host on the second Monday of each month via Zoom. We encourage everyone to start getting involved in the best Committee of AACAP! Learn more HERE
Check out last month's meeting minutes HERE
6/14/23 @ 8pm ET
Life Members Virtual Mentorship Program
Engage with members of AACAP’s Life Members Committee who will share their wisdom and advice about building a career in child and adolescent psychiatry. Register HERE
6/22/23 @ 8pm ET
AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee
Engage with members of AACAP to discuss current and future initiatives to increase diversity and cultural competence in CAP. Register for the meeting HERE.
AACAP Diversity Component Meetings
Interested in being involved with our diversity components? Sign up for notifications HERE (all meetings @8PM ET)
Spring 2023 Deadlines
AACAP Trainee Awards
See the section below titled "Awards" for various award opportunities for trainees at all levels.
Congratulations to all trainees who will be presenting at the 2023 AACAP Annual Meeting! We applaud everyone's hard work and look forward to your presentations! 

Be sure to apply for Students, Residents, and Fellows travel awards for the Annual Meeting, due July 7!

Late New Research Poster Deadline: June 7, 2023
AACAP’s 70th Annual Meeting Preliminary Schedule, including the full list of speakers, is available online on June 15, 2023.
Online registration for AACAP’s 70th Annual Meeting opens in August 2023. Be sure to register early to attend all your preferred events. Hotel reservations for the Annual Meeting open June 15, 2023. Stay tuned for more details.
If interested in sharing or finding a room with other attendees, check out the AACAP Roomshare Sign-up Here!
Annual Meeting Preparation Tips:
  • Check out the program schedule beforehand, generally available June 15th
  • Generally, signature MSR mentorship events take place between Tuesday thru Friday afternoon
  • Annual meeting registration is FREE for medical students!!! Plus, most of the programming does not require additional funds
  • Residents who volunteer to monitor receive FREE registration (see below)
  • If one volunteers to monitor, consider choosing a ticketed event, a program on a topic of interest, or an event that includes a meal
  • Note that there are many venues that offer food (MSR reception, international reception, welcome reception, caucus reception)
  • There are discounted rooms available for booking beginning June 15th (click HERE for more info) and AACAP roomshare options (see above)
Would you like to receive a FREE Annual Meeting Registration? If so, volunteer as a Monitor for one full day or two half days to receive free registration for the AACAP Annual Meeting. Check back in July 2023 for more information and to sign up to Monitor. Check out this link for info.
Registration for The International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professionals (IACAPAP)'s 26th Congress in Brazil is now open. This congress' theme is “Child development, mental health challenges and the future of nations”. IACAPAP will bring together international experts from different areas of child and adolescent mental health to discuss discoveries and new avenues in the field, pushing the limits of the current knowledge. Click here for more information.

In a wonderful show of support for children’s mental health, AACAP members and family advocates recently conducted over 160 Congressional meetings in conjunction with AACAP’s Legislative Conference. Held May 8-9, 2023, in Washington, D.C., conference attendees promoted three policy priority issues including: improving access to children’s mental health careimproving equity in access to child and adolescent psychiatrists; and increasing the child and adolescent psychiatry workforce. 


Over 180 AACAP members, including residents and medical students, along with dedicated family advocates, travelled across the U.S. to take our message to Members of Congress. AACAP’s Government Affairs Department and members of the Advocacy Committee presented during the two-day event, providing legislative training and resources for successful Congressional meetings.

Reflection from a resident member of AACAP MSR


My name is Jad Hilal, I’m a rising PGY-2 at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and this is my third year participating in AACAP’s legislative conference and my first year doing so in person and as Massachusetts state chief. Year after year as I’ve attended this conference, I find more trainees joining us, and each time without fail they have delivered a profoundly positive review of the experience – all to say that if I could convey one thought, it would be that you should strongly consider attending and would be welcomed by trainees and seasoned attendings alike.


It is a two-day experience, broken down into one day of training and a second consisting of meetings on Capitol Hill. We are well-prepared for these meetings by AACAP’s legislative staff as well as state chiefs (physicians) that are familiar with this process. The meetings themselves are pure passion for child mental health spun from the frustrations we bear on a daily basis in clinical practice. We spoke to the offices of our own legislators about very proximal issues such as workforce diversity, workforce expansion, and access to child psychiatry especially in underserved populations. The staffers we spoke with were legislative professionals whose portfolios focus on health policy, and as such, the conversations we held were robust, well-informed, and, most rewardingly, impactful. Indeed, we have found that the action items we bring to our meetings are often acted upon, leading to tangible change in a field where such a thing often feels out of reach.


Above all, it is an incredible experience to meet other child psychiatrists who are your neighbors with similar interests in moving the needle. The psychiatrists from my state delegation were all attending for the first time and stated they had decided to do so because they felt energized to make a difference after spending day upon day frustrated by the lack of attention and funding that child mental health receives - I'm certain that you can sympathize.  If you find yourself feeling similarly, I implore you – join us. Making tangible change of course improves the lives of millions of children across the country while simultaneously allowing us to fight our own burnout, learn more about the political climate surrounding child mental health, and grow from hearing the experiences of child psychiatrists from across the country, all in the halls of our nation’s capitol.


If you’re interested in becoming more involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I hope to see you next year.


Pictured: Members of the Massachusetts delegation, including Jad Hilal (second from left).
Interested in getting involved in the MSR committee? Sign up for one of the volunteer opportunities below, it's the perfect way to start meeting people & getting involved!
Amid a national health crisis, your efforts as trainees are critical in caring for children and families. As frontliners, your voices are the loudest and most powerful. In a bid to support and develop trainee advocacy initiatives, the MSR Committee is calling for your thoughts, questions and stories on advocacy:
What are the critical issues in children's mental health that resonate with you the most today? What cause would you like to advocate for?
Tell us about your experiences participating in advocacy events? Have you attended AACAP Leg Con? How about other local events?
Email your thoughts to!


Deadline: June 21, 2023


AACAP’s Training and Education Committee and its subgroup, the AACAP Alliance for Learning and Innovation (AALI), are committed to curating and highlighting dynamic teaching and training initiatives within medical education and child and adolescent psychiatry programs to share across the AACAP Community. Do you or your peers have innovative training and teaching practices that you wish to highlight? If so, you are invited to submit your idea or method to present as a PechaKucha presentation during one of the Training and Education sponsored events at the AACAP Annual Meeting! Submissions whose topic address the Presidential initiative theme “Capture Belonging” will be prioritized, however broad interpretations of this theme are welcome and encouraged. Selection(s) will be presented at the Training and Education Luncheon and/or the AALI Idea Forum Meeting at the AACAP 70th Annual Meeting.


Please send submissions to Anneke Archer at by June 21, 2023 and include the following:
Name(s) of presenter(s):
Job title/role(s):

Contact Information:
Brief summary of presentation: [1-2 paragraphs about the presentation]

Questions? Contact AALI Co-Chairs, Zheala Qayyum, MD (email: and Katherine Soe, MD (email:
Please do not hesitate to share this announcement with trainees, peers at your institution, and any others you believe may be interested. We look forward to your submissions!

Check out which Committee may be open for participations HERE.
Interested in sharing your stories with our community? Email us today with your thoughts - we look forward to hearing from you!

AACAP is committed to supporting trainee involvement, particularly with an affinity to the groups below. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, sign up HERE.


Advocacy Liaison Network

Monthly on the 1st Monday @ 8PM EST


AACAP Alliance on Learning and Innovation

Every two months on the 3rd Tuesday @ 8PM EST

Next meeting on Tuesday July 11th 8pm EST

Register HERE.


AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee

Monthly on the 4th Thursday @ 8PM EST

Next meeting on Thursday June 22nd 8pm EST, then Thursday July 27th 8pm EST

Register HERE.


AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee Components include:

  • Latinx Caucus - July 19th 2023 at 8pm EST (every 2 months on third Wed)
  • Asian Caucus - July 18th 2023 at 8pm EST (every 2 months on third Tues)
  • Black Caucus - June 13th 2023 at 8pm EST (every 2 months on second Tues)



*Underlined links below are clickable!*


Application Deadline: June 30, 2023
This award is designed to introduce minority and underrepresented undergraduate students to child and adolescent psychiatry as a career. Undergraduate students at the junior and senior level will be selected to participate in mentorship and academic programming, gaining valuable knowledge that will foster their interest in the specialty, and building connections through mentors within the AACAP community.
Medical Students
Residents, Fellows, and Early Career Psychiatrists
Application Deadline: July 7, 2023
Application Deadline: July 7, 2023
Application Deadline: July 7, 2023
Application Deadline: July 30, 2023
Leadership Opportunities
Application Deadline: August 1, 2023
Application Deadline: August 1, 2023
International Scholars
Application Deadline: June 30, 2023
Application Deadline: June 30, 2023



Take a look HERE at the other award opportunities AACAP has to offer!

Interested in making connections, meeting a mentor, getting your questions answered, and hearing career stories from people in our field? The AACAP MSR Peer Mentorship Program is a buddy system that pairs a senior trainee or early career psychiatrist with a junior based on interests! We are always excited to have people join this lovely family, so sign up today!
Help match up mentors & mentees by signing up HERE!
Become a mentee HERE!
Become a mentor HERE!
Mentee: Thomas Pak
Mentor: Janie Cao
“Janie got me involved in the open mic night. She also helped guide me through the AACAP annual meeting. It was a little overwhelming with so many people, and so many things to do, but she treated me like family when I was in Canada. She also got me involved in the arts committee, and I will be co-leading the open mic night with her for New York.”  - Thomas Pak (Mentee)
Mentee: Miles Reyes
Mentor: Apurva Bhatt

"When CAPMSR approached me to become a mentor, I was uncertain about what lay ahead. However, being paired with Miles has exceeded all my expectations. It’s been an extraordinary experience to witness her transformation throughout her journey towards child and adolescent psychiatry. Mentoring her through AACAP has been incredibly fulfilling. I am particularly proud of her remarkable achievements, such as her outstanding performance in our Clinical Perspective presentation and poster presentations last year at the AACAP Annual meeting. As an exceptional medical student, she possesses all the qualities to become an exceptional child psychiatrist; she is kind, intuitive, and passionate about working with children and families. I eagerly anticipate the promising years that lie ahead in our mentorship!" - Apurva Bhatt (Mentor)  


"I had an interest in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry early on in my journey but had no direction on how to learn more or get involved in the field, especially coming from a newer community-based medical school. Luckily, I got paired with Dr. Apurva Bhatt, and her infectious enthusiasm complemented my curiosity and excitement perfectly. Early on, Dr. Bhatt got to know my background, interests, and passions. She quickly involved me in many of her projects and eventually encouraged me to spearhead my own. Dr. Bhatt has been my cheerleader and a great friend in addition to a mentor over the years. She has been instrumental to my professional development, and I am excited about this upcoming residency cycle knowing that I have her support! I'm incredibly grateful to AACAP MSR for pairing me with a mentor as involved and invested in my growth as she has been. I hope to be as wonderful and warm of a mentor as she has been to me to another mentee one day." - Miles Reyes (Mentee)

Information about AACAP News are provided here. Contact for questions.
Information about JAACAP and JAACAP Connect are provided here. Contact the  JAACAP Editorial Office at or (202) 966-7300 ext. 153 for questions regarding potential topics, outlines, and articles.


[Deadline July 1, 2023]

JAACAP and JAACAP Open will publish a special topic series devoted to the subject of substance use and misuse. Review articles (JAACAP and JAACAP Open) and original empirical/data-based articles (JAACAP Open) will be published throughout the next year and will be selected to cover a range of topics in the area. Articles should be focused on substance use- and misuse-related topics relevant to child and adolescent behavioral health, including genetics, neuroscience, epidemiology, measurement, prevention, and treatment. Review submissions should conform to the PRISMA guidelines for reporting systematic reviews. Authors are strongly encouraged to register reviews with PROSPERO, other public repositories, or institutional websites.This special series will be edited by Guest Editor Kevin M. Gray, MD; Deputy Editors Kara S. Bagot, MD, and Mary Fristad, PhD, ABPP; Associate Editor Robert R. Althoff, MD, PhD; Editor Manpreet K. Singh, MD, MS; and Editor-in-Chief Douglas K. Novins, MD. Click HERE for more information.


JAACAP is also interested in submissions of child and youth art related to substance use and misuse.


Please direct inquiries and proposals to

JAACAP Call for Cover Artwork [Deadline: ongoing]

JAACAP seeks interesting images and original artwork by children and youth, including but not limited to those who have personally struggled with mental health challenges.

Submissions in which the artist reflects upon their identity, family, and/or community are particularly encouraged. If you work with an art therapy program or have artwork from children or grandchildren hanging on the fridge, encourage the artist and/or guardian to consider submitting to  JAACAP! For papers and artwork, questions and pre-submission inquiries should be directed to or



Pediatric Psychiatric Emergency Services - Stasis in Crisis

Jennifer F. Havens, MD1Mollie C. Marr, PhD2

JAMA. 2023;329(17):1453-1454. doi:10.1001/jama.2023.3693


Check out these wonderful AACAP online resourcess!
Check out this video titled "Engaging The Next Generation of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists" 
CAPTuring Minds: A podcast presented by AACAP's Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Medical Students & Residents Committee

Listen HERE.


Episode 1: Why Child and Adolescent Psychiatry?

Host: Dr. Evelyn Ashiofu | Guests: Dr. Jose Vito and Dr. Cindy Chou

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